Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Furry Edition

  I still have a little less than an hour left of this Thankful Thursday (it's 11:17PM here in New Mexico as I type) and although I meant to write this earlier, (life got in the way) I still would like to take a moment and just say what I am thankful for today.
   This blog is mostly dedicated to my furry babies.  You see, when I was younger all I wanted in life was to be a mom.  That seriously was the one thing I wanted, to get married and have 3-4 kids.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom and have dinner ready and pack lunches, or maybe homeschool my kids... who knows... I had lots of different ideas.  Well, life doesn't always happen how we want it to or how we vision it when we are younger.  I think I wanted a big family when I was younger because I was an only child, not that I disliked being an only child, but I would have loved having someone to bond with and fight with and do all that sibling stuff with...
   So as I became older and had issues with my ovaries and now with my blood I have come to accept the fact that having a child is not in my cards.  I'm fine with that.  Really, I am.  I actually started to come to terms with this idea when I was about 19 and just knew that I would never be able to have a child.  Sometimes you get these feelings that you know are true.  This was even before my ovaries became the pain in the well, abdominal area that they are.  The blood stuff just seals the deal with any ideas I may have had of trying any attempts at whatever.
   With this knowledge, I put all my love and motherly instinct toward my furry babies.  They make me so happy and they give me so much joy.  Some people say they can't fill the void of a child, well, they must be doing something wrong because my furbabies are amazing and they must be doing something right.
   I've had Chucky for 10 years now and he's been making me smile since day one.  I remember the first night I met him, it was love.  Since then, he's been my baby.  He's my little cat-dog and I love it.  We have our little rituals that haven't really changed much in the last 10 years even with CW moving in 4 years ago.  Chucky is still king of this house and doesn't let any of the other animals forget.  :)
   Our cats make me smile.  I love when they cuddle up with us when we sleep or when we walk in the kitchen and they walk around our legs and meow at us.  Even when they shred our furniture, it's not a big deal.  The joys they bring is much bigger than the destruction they do.  I love watching them look out the windows and make chirping noises at birds or chase strings or lasers... Everything.
   Our pups... Ah yes... they are so much of a blessing as well, how can I not be thankful for them?  When I feel like shit, they all lay with me and seem to know that makes me feel better.  I love how Jasper is so protective of me and how he watches TV and is so smart.  I love how Wallo never leaves my side when I'm home.  I love how weird Patchik is and how much she loves me and will cuddle up with me all the time and seems to want only me and not CW.  I just love how these dogs look at me with such depth and make me question whether or not they were once a human who has been reincarnated or a long lost pet from the past who has come back to me.  These furry babies have my everything.  They have made my life better, they have made me better.  They have made me happy because I have them, they give me many more reasons to fight for life.  They give me reasons to smile.  For all of this, I am thankful on this Thankful Thursday.

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