Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm saying it loud and proud: I'm pansexual!

Lately, I've read a lot of things about people talking crap about pansexuality,  As someone who identifies as a pansexual, I find this hurtful. Just because you may not agree with something or relate to something does not mean that it doesn't exist.

I do not consider myself bisexual because I'm not attracted to a person's gender, I'm attracted to the person.  There is something that draws me to a person, not what's between their legs.

I spent my entire life completely confused at what was "wrong" with me because I couldn't identify with what everyone around me was doing.  I never sought out a specific gender to be attracted to.  I was confused as a child when I was attracted to other females, yet I still liked males as well but not only that, I found that I was attracted to transgengered people as well.  If there was something about a person that I was attracted to, their gender was nothing to me,  It's like being attracted to blondes or brunettes... you can't explain it, it's just something that is.

When I was older, I actually had a couple of relationships with women which confused me even more.  I told my parents that I had no idea what was going on with me.  I was still insanely confused.  My parents supported me no matter what.

One day, I was watching some show (I can't remember what now) but they said pansexual and described it and well, it described me.  I didn't care what a person was, I cared who they were.  I was freaking elated by the fact that I could push away the confusion and I had something that I could call myself.  I was no longer confused by what was going on in my mind, I no longer had to wonder why I felt the way I did when it came to others.

Now what bothers me is the fact that people feel the need to insult or be so aggressive about the way others identify. Why does my "gender blindness" bother you so much?  Does it affect you in any way?  No, it doesn't.  Most likely I'm not attracted to someone who's so closed-minded therefore you don't have to worry about my attraction to you.

It's just like I will never understand those who are so angry about homosexuality.  How does one person's marriage affect another's?  It's simple, it doesn't.  Just like heterosexual marriages have no affect on each other, neither does a homosexual marriage.

People talk about the "sanctity" of marriage being ruined by allowing marriage equality... if that were the case, then let's outlaw divorce because that REALLY ruins the sanctity of marriage.

People talk about others going to hell because of their sexuality.  Even if that were the case, does it really affect you?  No.  It does not.

My point is this, just because you don't understand or relate to something doesn't make it wrong.  My sexual preference is mine and mine only.  I just like being able to relate to something.   After years of mental anguish and confusion, it's nice to know that I'm not alone.  

Monday, September 15, 2014


So, I always crave this butterbeer I read about in Harry Potter books (p.s. I'm on the last one now) even though I've never tried it.  

I've looked up a few recipes and none sound too appealing or have too many ingredients or just blegh... and since I don't see myself going to Hogsmeade any time soon, I decided to make myself a cup of butterbeer, my own version.

It's really simple and can be made with 4 ingredients (possibly 3).  I may continue to experiment, but even my muggle husband enjoyed this!

2 packets of Alpine Instant Apple Cider (or whatever brand of apple cider instant or not)
water (if using ready made apple cider just pop it in the microwave for a minute or two)
about a teaspoon or so of butter
2 small scoops vanilla ice cream

I put my cider packets and butter in my cup while waiting for my water to boil.

Once I poured in my boiling water, I mixed everything very well.

I put a couple of small scoops of vanilla ice cream in my cup and mixed it a little.

OMFG! here it is in all it's glory.  

So tell me, what do you think?  Do you have your own butterbeer recipe you've tried?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I've gone batty! (Free amigurumi bat pattern)

yarn needle
Yarn colors of choice

Wings (make 4):
Ch 12
Row 1: Sc in 2nd st from hook-ch 1and SC in same st, *HDC in next st, DC in next 2 st, HDC in next st, SC in next st* repeat from * to * ch 1, turn (12 sts)
Row 2: SC in same st as ch 1, *HDC in next st, DC in next 2 st, HDC in next st*, SC in next st, repeat from * to * ch 1, turn (10 sts)
Row 3: SC in same st as ch 1, *SC in next st, SC- ch 2- SC in next st, Sc in next st, SC in next st,* repeat from * to * sl st in last st
Leave long enough tail to sew 2 wings together.

each wing should look like this
sew 2 wings together, weave in ends but leave one end to sew to body.

Eyes (Make 2):
Magic circle with 6 SC, or ch 3 sl st to first ch and SC 6 times. Use stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round
Round 2: 2 SC in each st (12 sts), sl st to first st in round, Finish Off leaving a tail long enough to sew to body.
Add white for eye glisten

Here's an example of the completed eye with glisten.

Magic circle with 6 SC, or ch 3 sl st to first ch and SC 6 times. Use stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round
Round 2: 2 SC in each st (12 sts)
Round 3: 2 SC in first st, SC in next st, repeat around (18 sts)
Round 4: 2 SC in first st, SC in next 2 sts, repeat around (24 sts)
Round 5: 2 SC in first st, SC in next 3 sts, repeat around (30 sts)
Round 6: 2 SC in first st, SC in next 4 sts, repeat around (36 sts)
Round 7-15- 1 SC in each st around
Round 16: SC Dec, SC in next 4 sts, repeat around (30 sts)
Round 17: SC Dec, SC in next 3 sts, repeat around (24 sts)
Round 18: SC Dec, SC in next 2 sts, repeat around (18 sts)

At this point I like to sew on eyes and embroider mouth before I stuff, I like to fold where the row begins (see pic) and then sew eyes onto body. You can embroider the mouth however you would like to add a bit of your own personality. I like to make it look like two little fangs with a drip of blood on one fang. Stuff with polyfil.

Finishing up:
crochet back and forth across the top with SC. Weave in ends. Sew wings to back of bat body.

You can either attach a loop to make the bat an ornament or leave as is.   

This bat has not been tested, I'm sorry if there are any mistakes.  Please feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chain of Wools: Link scarf pattern

This pattern is very adaptable. What I am giving you is essentially a guide of how to make a scarf.

I used a J Hook
Worsted Weight Yarn
Gauge is not important
These are only suggestions, as stated this is a guide, experiment!  :)
Ch 287

Step 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next 4 chs, *ch 5, skip next 5 chs, dc in next 5 ch* repeat from * to * till end of chain. FO, this will be Link A

Step 2: make another ch 287 and weave it through Link A (see photo) then dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next 4 chs, *ch 5, skip next 5 chs, dc in next 5 ch* repeat from * to * till end of chain. FO, this will be Link B.  You can weave in from either top or bottom.  I like to switch back and forth starting my weave from bottom on one link, then top on next (or vice versa).

Step 3: make another ch 287 and weave it through Link B (see photo) then dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next 4 chs,  *ch 5, skip next 5 chs, dc in next 5 ch* repeat from * to * till end of chain. FO, this will be Link C.   Continue to repeat Steps 4 and 5 till reach the desired width of scarf.  For my completed scarf I did 7 links.

Here is what my scarf looked like after 4 links:

Finishing: I completed one scarf with a solid bottom by 3 sc in the bottom of each chain continuously, but I also completed a second scarf by adding fringe to the bottom of each link.  I think that fringe made the scarf flow better, but again, this pattern is adaptable to your preferences! play around with the pattern and see what works for you.  

The first scarf I completed looked like this:

Here is the bottom of the second scarf that was completed with fringe:

Disclaimer:  I saw this idea on pinterest but the page was in another language and did not have clear instructions so I decided to write down what I did, using my own version and calculating the amount of stitches needed for a scarf a little over 5 feet long.  I'm offering this as a guide for others to play around with.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hashtag Giveaway

I would have liked to have this giveaway up sooner but I've been suffering from extremely painful migraines the last two days.  This morning was the worst.

Well, I'm better and ready to giveaway a few items!  So here is what we have up for grabs:
A wonderful crocheted market bag and scarf made by yours truly.  (If the winner does not want the rainbow colored items, they will be able to select two colors and I will make the package in those two colors)

A mini monster (pattern courtesy of Knot By Gran'ma) which I had the wonderful opportunity of testing.  (color will vary)

A an issue of Too Yarn Cute Crochet Magazine (courtesy of Too Yarn Cute)

Friday, July 11, 2014

It's a bird! It's a plane! No... it's a BAT!

I've been working on a few crochet patterns to release soon.  I'm debating releasing one of my patterns  for free.  If I can get up to 200 likes on my Facebook page by next friday, then I will release this guy as a free pattern:

I know that I haven't been on here as much as I should but, HARRY POTTER!!!  I don't want to not read, plus I have SO many books on my to read list.  I just find myself lost in them and not writing for myself.  Oh and plus I am trying to become a better knitter... also, I've realized that I still don't know ALL THE THINGS about crochet...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Adventures in food

   I haven't been wanting to cook in my kitchen lately since the ants moved into the wall between my kitchen and master bedroom bathroom.  However, after constantly cleaning my kitchen and keeping up with natural remedies to get rid of ants, they aren't as bothersome as normal.  I just have to make sure there are never any dirty dishes and I have to clean the microwave pretty much daily.  I guess it's not really a bad thing, a lot of people constantly clean their kitchen and don't let dishes pile up.
  Today's blog is actually about cooking.  I love cooking.  I love baking.  I essentially love making things for people to enjoy, that includes food.

   I'm going to share a "recipe" (I use the word recipe pretty loosely since I cook by mood) that is healthy and a not so healthy recipe.

  As summer looms over most people (or in the case of those of us in the desert, it hits us like a rock),I've come up with a recipe for a yummy summer drink.

Black and Blueberry Freeze
about 1 cup of blackberries
16 oz of concentrated blueberry green tea (I'll explain)
1 cup of ice
Sugar to taste if desired

This recipe can be easily modified to suit your taste.  I took my blackberries and blended them while my water was boiling.  I then took 2 blueberry green tea bags and let my them steep for about 4 minutes since my water wasn't boiling hot.  I then added sugar (I love my tea super sweet, but if you don't you can skip this step.) After sugar, I added a few ice cubes and stirred.  I then added my tea to  my blender and added the rest of the ice and blended until all the ice was crushed.  I tasted to make sure the flavor was to my liking and here you can add a little more sugar if needed or ice if you want more of a smoothie type drink.  I just wanted something cold.  This will make a full pitcher and you can share with friends or place it in the fridge and drink throughout the day (evening, whatever floats your boat.)

Now for the not so healthy recipe:
Stroganoff  Casserole
1-2lbs ground beef
3 cups cooked rice
1 can cream of mushroom soup
your favorite seasonings
shredded cheese

I used minute rice and as that was setting (I also want to add that I season the water as it boils with garlic salt) I cooked my beef with chopped onion and chopped bell pepper.  I also used garlic powder and a bit of smoked paprika for seasoning.  I didn't want to use anything salty because of the cream of mushroom, this is only a bit of guideline for this recipe and I suggest seasoning for your tastes.  After the ground beef was cooked, I drained the grease and then added the cream of mushroom.  This was a concentrated can that you add water to, I only added about 2/3 of the suggested amount though to keep it a bit thick.  When that was finished cooking, I got my casserole dish and layered rice then a bit of cheese then my beef mix on top and then another layer of cheese.  My oven was preheated to 350F and I popped the casserole in for about 15 minutes, however that may differ on your area/stove (I've found that my stove cooks things pretty quickly per other recipes I've made).  Just check and make sure all the cheese is melted.  

The taste reminded me a bit of beef stroganoff, hence the name of the recipe.  I recommend experimenting a bit, that's pretty much how I cook everything.  I rarely measure things so I have plenty of screw ups along with lots of happy accidents.  I cook the way I crochet, I just go with it.