Monday, July 9, 2012

"Avoid popularity if you would have peace."

   I was just thinking that I'd like to be more political so I could sound more intellectual to those people who think that the more you know about politics, the smarter you are.  You know the type right?  I mean, I'm not completely ignorant on the subject, I just try not to get too involved in things anymore.  You see, I have this tendency to get obsessed with things.  I mean obsessed. I blame my OCD.  To answer your question, no, I don't have the cool kind of OCD where I get obsessive about cleaning and organization, I have a stupid counting compulsion (another blog, for another day).
   I remember when I was younger I became obsessed with the first election I was like 4 months shy of being able to vote for.  It was shitty.  It consumed the majority of my time. I try not to let things do that to me anymore.  It's just frustrating to me because there is so much other shit that I enjoy doing rather than spending my time obsessing over things that give me anxiety.
   Ah, my anxiety, yet another reason I prefer NOT to become so political.  I've noticed that a lot of political people tend to be, well, aggressive (for lack of a better word).  It's like you say something they don't agree with and I'll be damned if they don't do research for 3 hours to try to rip you a new asshole.  It's like, damn can't we just agree to disagree?
   So rather than spend my time becoming political and arguing about things that I know for a fact are just going to be a waste of time because 1) it's hard to change people's convictions when it comes to politics, and 2) I really don't want to change people's opinions I just want to state mine, I just spend my time becoming well rounded in other aspects of life.
   I enjoy learning about many different things.  I like watching documentaries.  I like reading a shit ton of books.  I love researching different artistic mediums. I love research, period.  I love doing crafts.  I love watching my animals interact and just watching their behavior in general.  I also spend tons of time over thinking pretty much, everything.
   I don't necessarily think that makes me boring or uneducated by any means as some "political" people may think, I'm just not willing to get into a pointless argument (yes, it's pointless to me because anything that causes anxiety for absolutely no reason is pointless) on a daily basis to defend my opinions.  I have them, they are there.  I'll voice them on other subjects, but not to someone who will get so aggressive and be willing to rip me a new one just to make themselves feel superior (congrats, you tore down an unstable person).
   So maybe I was wrong at the beginning... maybe I was thinking I'd like to become less political?  ;)

*side note: if this blog made you want to rip me a new asshole, then you may be political.

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