Monday, July 16, 2012

Waiting for my new circular needles!

I haven't really written much lately.  The reason for that is because I've been obsessed with trying to re-learn how to knit again.  You see, I missed knitting and after not doing it for so long, my brain was like, uh what?
   It really wasn't like hopping back on a bicycle (although I'm sure my brain would be like, uh what? on that aspect too).  I'm so used to crocheting that I had to get used to the mechanics of knitting again.  Not only that, I was trying something completely different on knitting than what I had before when I knit, circular needles.  I'd never tried them before.  See, I'm a SUPER basic knitter.  Not even knit 1 purl 1.  More like knit knit knit... I never really got past the simple learning aspect.  I'm like not even in knitting 101, more like knitting for dumbasses.  So over the last few days I've been slowly working with the cheapass circular needles I bought off ebay for like $2 (you SERIOUSLY get what you pay for) and I made a couple of beanie-ish things.  The first thing I did was really loose and my dog, Jasper saw it and just wanted it, so I gave it to him (he loves yarn toys) so after he and I had a game of tug o war with it, it's not really anything more than a headband like thing now (he ripped the top with his teefs).  HOWEVER, the second thing I made was pretty cute.  I made it with my friend in mind who is currently with child.  So since she's having a fall babeh, I thought about a pumpkin!  and created this:

Since I created that, I thought, hmmmm I wonder if I could do my boobies like this too?  So I made a boobie, but that's when my cheapie circular needles started going icky on me AFTER ONLY THREE projects.  :(  Well, I asked my beloved what he thought about me ordering a nice set of circular needles from KnitPicks (interchangeable try me set!) and he thought it was a good idea, so I used some of the lasts of our reserved birthday money and ordered em.  
   So my boobie beanie was CLOSE to what I'd want my boobies to look like, I'm almost there.  I did it in weird colors so I wouldn't waste my good boob yarn and you guessed it, Jasper saw the boobie and wanted that too... This one, he wouldn't play tug o' war with.  Weird dog.