Monday, July 14, 2014

Hashtag Giveaway

I would have liked to have this giveaway up sooner but I've been suffering from extremely painful migraines the last two days.  This morning was the worst.

Well, I'm better and ready to giveaway a few items!  So here is what we have up for grabs:
A wonderful crocheted market bag and scarf made by yours truly.  (If the winner does not want the rainbow colored items, they will be able to select two colors and I will make the package in those two colors)

A mini monster (pattern courtesy of Knot By Gran'ma) which I had the wonderful opportunity of testing.  (color will vary)

A an issue of Too Yarn Cute Crochet Magazine (courtesy of Too Yarn Cute)


  1. Holy crap. Typed out a comment and it got eaten when google wanted me to sign in. Short version: amigurumi critters are always fun to see. I make a lot of mine up on the fly.

  2. I dont know what happened to my other comment!!! A super cute winter set for our cold Canadian winters! A hat, cowl, mitts and boot cuffs?