Monday, August 27, 2012

Dogs Like Treats... in ABUNDANCE

WARNING: If you haven't seen Last night's episode of True Blood or Magic Mike and you don't want "spoilers" don't read today's post.  Just letting you know in advance.  :)

   This morning on our way out the door I told our dogs "If when I get home there are NO cushions on the floor, you guys will get an ABUNDANCE of cookies. I'm serious you guys I'm tired of this shit, but I mean ABUNDANCE of COOKIES!" CW nodded his head and said, "all they heard was blahblahblah cushions blahblahblah cookies blahblahblah shit blahblahblah cookies." I said, "Not Jasper." he shrugged and said "True."  I know you may be wondering why I said this "speech" to the dogs, but they are notorious for knocking down the couch cushions and now my couches look like they belong in either a college kid's rented apartment or a crackhouse because they are completely ripped up and shitty looking because of the dogs having a rave every time we leave the house.

As we get in the car I said, "Jasper understands because he's super smart."
"Yeah, he has the vocabulary of a preschooler."
"Yeah, he's a genius."
"He's the alpha now."
"Yeah and he runs around with a 6-pack looking all greasy and manly like Alcide."
-in an over exaggerated Batman ala Christian Bale voice- "And he talks like Batman when he's all hopped up on V."
"Why you gotta hate on Alcide?"
"Why you gotta see his penis?"
"It's not like I knew they showed his penis in Magic Mike." (I'm not complaining though)

And ever since I saw Magic Mike... CW hates Alcide now from  True Blood when he used to like him.  It's not my fault that he's really tall, has curly hair and huge muscles. I'm just saying... CW has curly hair is a helluva lot taller than me and his broad ex-gymnast shoulders are totally what had me melting... I kind of have a type... what can I say?

Oh! P.S.  The dogs were good.  They got an abundance of cookies and they seriously knew the moment I opened the door what they were getting because all of their asses were waiting by the dog treat door with smiles.  :)  So maybe Jasper isn't the only genius.


  1. I heard they're making a sequel to Magic Mike :-)

    1. Whaaaa? Is Big Dick Richie going to be in this one too??? ;)

  2. glad the dogs were good. I think they're smart enough to understand human speak, hehe.

    and the magic mike thing? umm.... yes, please?

    that is all ;)

    1. That's what I'm saying ... I need no plot...hell they don't even need to talk... just dance and get naked for 2 hours and I'll be good.