Sunday, September 2, 2012

Totally NOT laboring this Labor Day Weekend...

   Last night I went to bed around 3 or 4AM... ok so it was this morning... same thing... Then as CW was going to work, I kinda laid in bed with Jasper's face on my face and decided to wake up.  I opened my eyes had a minor panic attack when I couldn't see shit... then remembered I wore my glasses last night.  I then looked at the time and realized how disgustingly early it was, but I was already awake.  I took pics of the custom beanies I made... screwed around on the internet for a while... called my mom... then decided I was going to paint... after some more screwing around, I did in fact paint.  
    I made 3 bookmarks but I fucked one up when I was cutting it and smashed it some how... so... that will be mine... the other two, those will be going up for sale on Etsy as soon as I post them.  :) 

   WHY? Did I go to bed so late?  Because I took a freaking 4 hour nap until 8:30PM yesterday... I asked CW to wake me up after 30 minutes... I just wanted a powernap.... IS THAT 30 MINUTES?  sigh... men.
   I BARELY washed my face like 20 minutes ago.  What a freaking amazing lazy day.  Normally, I'm doing shit, I have to be places, go somewhere... do something... not today... it was nice.  Hope you all are enjoying your labor day weekend... and not laboring.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good I-didn't-do-much-and-that-rocks kind of day :D

    Why do guys do that?! *shakes a fist*

    1. it was amazingly nice... in fact... oh shit... brb

    2. ok I was going to say I didn't feed Melvyn till a couple of hours ago... Then remembered he was in his feeding spot and I had to let him out... ;x we have to feed him away from the dogs so they don't get his food since he's the only one who gets canned food... and the dogs are assholes.

    3. And dogs go nuts for that soft canned food. Randall freaks out if I open a can of tuna. lol

  2. and I loooove the bookmarks! I'm going to order some from you for Christmas gifts :D :D