Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Crazy, Crazy Man.

    Four years ago today I sat at work and secretly sent messages to the guy I was dating/spending every night with.  In one of those messages was a somewhat cryptic message saying something about us being exclusive.  Now me, being the psychotic person that I am, I have to read into everything and make sure I understand exactly what is going on, so later that night when I got to CW's house I was like, "so does this mean you're like my boyfriend now?" and he was like, "well, if you want to be my girlfriend..." So then became us.
   After nearly two months of dating and showing him how amazing I am and how much his life would suck without me, he gave in.  I already knew my life sucked without him.  I had to suffer the years before seeing him with other women who didn't deserve him, the women who treated him like poo (and not in the way that I do, the crappy kind).  I may be kinda bitchy and shit, but like I love CW insane amounts.  I do a lot for him that people may not see.  They may see the shit that he does for me and think that I'm just a pampered princess and blahblahblah but, I do shit too.
   So anywho... that was 4 years ago and ever since then, my life has been nothing but a blur.  Time has just flown by and they were not even lying when they said time flies when you're having fun.  It doesn't even seem like 4 years has gone by.  In fact, it seems like just yesterday we were going on our first official date or going to that Rehab concert. 
   I have so many wonderful memories with CW that life just seems right.  I honestly am one of the lucky ones to be with a best friend, soul mate and someone who can stand my mental ass, let alone living with me. 
   So to the only man in the world who could handle the job, yes, it IS a job, I love you and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  (he reads my blogs, just never comments on 'em here, just to me)

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