Thursday, July 5, 2012

Proactiv Day 1: FOR REAL THIS TIME

   So, my face has been breaking out a lot more than normal, which is normally a happy thing for someone who likes to pop pimples, but these are UNPOPABLE BASTARDS.  So instead, I end up with a giant red mark on my forehead and I'm forced to wear my bangs down when I go out which also means, I have to brush my hair.
  For those who know me, I'm opposed to styling my hair (that's what I usually mean when I say brush my hair, sometimes I mean just brushing it as well).  I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to this heavy load of hair.  Those who have seen it in person, know what I'm saying... It's down to the top of me bum and it's thick as hell. My go to hair style is usually a braid.  Just a plain ol' braid, nothing fancy.  So yeah, now with the bangs, I feel like I have to do other crap with it... cuz it looks too blah...
  So this recent abomination of a pimple on my forehead has caused me to start using the proactiv I spent $20 on AS OF TODAY! I figure if I blog about it, it will hold me to my word a little more.  Let's see if this stuff really works.  If not, I'll use noxema (do they still make that stuff?) or something.

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