Monday, July 2, 2012

Blame it on the Rain...

  When my Beloved and I first started dating it was our "monsoon" season.  We don't get much rain here in New Mexico, but that year, we sure as hell did.  I loved it.  We started a little tradition back then, every time it was raining, no matter what we were doing or what time it was, we would stop and we would take a moment to kiss in the rain.
  So now, no matter what time of year... summer, winter, fall or spring, we kiss when it's raining if we are together.  When we aren't together, I'm thinking of him and he of me.  I love that I'll be bundled up and ready for bed, but it starts raining and he comes and grabs my hand and tells me it's raining and then a smile comes across my face and I feel like a teenager with butterflies in my tummy.
   Tonight, listening to the rain, I feel so happy.  I've had a so-so last couple of weeks, feeling like shit and still trying to run off this bipolar cycle, but tonight, I am smiling.