Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Paint Chooses The Painting...

   One of my favorite things to do in the world is paint. Lately I've been working with a semi new medium, watercolors.  Well, I've worked with watercolors before but in a mixed medium setting, I used watercolor and acrylic together and even then I didn't use WATER with my watercolor paint base, if that makes any sense... I may just be rambling because I just woke up not to long ago.
   When I first started painting a little over a decade ago, I started with oils, but oils were too messy and took too long to dry (seriously, I'd wait weeks sometimes for them to dry not good for gift giving). From there I moved on to acrylics and I really haven't looked back, sure acrylics dry fast but they can be manipulated with a little water, layered... I love them.  I get a little lost in my paintings.  I love creating them, I love mixing colors, I just love it all.
   Well, I have always loved the way watercolors look and I kinda wanted to take a dive into painting with them so I started small, like painting Mother and Father's day cards, I really loved that, so the other day I painted this:

I had something totally different in mind when I STARTED painting, but this came out of my brushes.  I'm not sure what I wanted to paint, but this was what wanted to be painted.  Normally, I use about 3 brushes... With this, I used like 15 haha... Surprisingly, my brushes were still easier to clean than when using oil paints.  Now that is a mother effer to clean.

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