Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A twofer...

Last night I took a two hour bath and by the time I got out it was technically today, so I just decided to write yesterday's blog today... I was kinda blue yesterday and I'm really not sure why.

Day 9: Your Last Kiss
  My last kiss was kissing CW goodbye this morning as he left to work.  This morning we didn't have the dogs interrupting us, it was nice.  By interrupting us, I mean trying to lick our faces as we kiss goodbye.  

Day 10: Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol
  I take my medication as I'm supposed to.  I don't drink very often.  In fact, it's very rare.  I don't suppose I really have any particular views... My precious laptop was stolen by a heroin addict and that sucked.  So there's that.  It was over 3 years ago and it still makes my stomach tangle in knots to think about.  All those memories that I lost, all that work and research I put into my book. Everything gone.  No, I didn't back my shit up, I never expected a heroin addict to steal my crap.  I'm not sure if my feelings toward that situation count toward a view on drugs.  

As I stated, I take my medication, as I'm supposed to.  The last time I drank, I got buzzed.  I haven't been drunk in a couple of years.  I prefer to stay sober so I can read and craft.  

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