Thursday, May 17, 2012

He Makes Me Feel Like A Princess...

Day 11: Your Current Relationship
  As of August 22 this year CW and I will have been together for 4 years.  We started seeing each other in late June of 2008 but didn't become an official couple until 8/22.  This is by far the longest relationship I've ever been in.  By the time CW and I were together for 4 months, it was the longest relationship I was ever in!  CW is the first guy I've lived with that I've been in a relationship with... he's the first person I've had the desire to marry... he's the first person I've ever been comfortable enough with to let into my life enough to be with me all the time.  I honestly feel like he is my soul mate.  There are far too many factors that push us together in order for all of this to be a coincidence... our lives have been intertwined for much longer than the 11 years that we have been friends.  There is something about him, something that had always left me wanting more of him.  I couldn't handle being away from him when we first started dating, it caused physical pain.  It was so completely new for me, I'd never been there before.  

Every part of my being, my heart, my soul, my everything belongs to CW.  The last few years have flown by and so it makes sense that we spend the rest of our lives together.