Friday, May 25, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Day 19: Something That Never Fails to Make You Feel Better
   There are actually quite a few things that make my heart happy.  Number one thing, my furry babies.  In fact, when I went into surgery, my last thought was Jasper's face and my anxiety went away as I fell under anesthesia's power.  
   Crocheting.  That soothes me, makes me happy and just makes me feel like I'm doing something good.  I'll tell you why, usually, I'm not crocheting anything for myself.  About 73% of the things I crochet are given as gifts, 25% are put up for sale and maybe about 2% stay here at home.  My dog, Jasper gets my swatches and yeah, he does a damn good job of keeping those in tact, it's like he seems to know I made 'em so he takes extra care of em and doesn't rip em up the way he does his store bought toys.  
   Reading.  I love getting lost in a book.  It's like a movie in my head, but a bazillion times better.  My imagination is way better than most movie makers, trust me.  When I read  The Hunger Games it was like insanely awesome in my head, now the movie was good, but it wasn't nearly what it was in my head.  
   Writing.  Kinda the same as reading, but my own thoughts.  
Oldies.  I effing love oldies.  They make me happy.  They remind me of my aunts, my grandpa, my dad... being a kid.  I just fucking love them.  
   Making random weird noises.  They make the thoughts in my head that race 24-7 shut down for a few seconds and I can breathe.  
   Baking something for other people.  I don't know, I just like to do stuff for others.  It really does make me happy.  People don't do enough for others these days.  It's not unselfish either, I like when people enjoy something I put lots of love into.  So I really do get something out of it.  
   Spending time with CW and the animals.  Sometimes CW and I will spend a couple of hours just hanging out in the livingroom with the dogs and cats, with no distractions like TV, and we just give them all of our attention. No phones, no computers, just us and them.  I loves it.  
   Hanging out with my mom.  For obvious reasons.  Watching baseball with my dad, for other obvious reasons.  Going to the book store with my grandma, need I say it?  Talking on the phone with my other grandma.  Visiting my aunts and my great grandma.  Stitching and Bitching with my Bestie, Stephy.  All of these things make me, happy.

When my life seems to suck, I can do any of these things and for the time being, life sucks less.  :) There are a few more things like talking to my twitter buddies or to Jen who made my amaze Hunger Games necklace... but I'll stop gushing for now.  :)