Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Don't Get No Respect... No Respect...

Day 18: Disrespecting Parents
 I'm not sure I understand the subject line... Is it asking how I feel about children being disrespectful to their parents or to name a time when I was disrespectful to my parents?  Either way, I think it sucks when kids are disrespectful to their parents.  Kids in general are disrespectful these days.  These little fucks that live by my parents run around their front yard and fuck up their trees with no regard to the fact that it is NOT THEIR PROPERTY!  I so badly want to yell at these little bastards, but it is not my house, and I don't want them to do anything to my car or something worse to my parents' property because of something I said.  So I keep my mouth shut.  

As far as if I've been disrespectful to my parents' yes I have.  It's hard to explain.  My parents and I have a different kind of relationship than any other type that I have ever known my friends to have with their parents.  My parents are more like my friends, best friends.  We kinda grew up together, so we have a different kind of rapport than other child/parent families. I tell my mother things that most other daughters would cringe at and vice versa.  But hey, I stayed out all night in Vegas gambling and drinking with my dad.  My mom and I craft together.  My dad and I discuss books and would love to open up a book store together some day.  So yeah, I tell my dad "shut up" and I've called my mom "bitchy."  Which I'm sure most people would call disrespectful, but then again, they also don't get to call their parents their best friends either I bet.  )

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