Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today and a Preview of Tomorrow...

Sundays are busy as I've stated before.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because it's the day I put in job applications. I like to start of my week with everything I need to have done, done.  So yeah.

I don't really get to start crafting till late afternoon on Sundays usually, today wasn't any different.  Well, other than the insane winds that knocked down a huge chunk of our fence between our neighbor to the east and us.  So now, every time the dogs need to take a tinkle, we need to escort them JUST in case the neighbor's dog is outside as well and possibly in our yard.  Fun stuff.

I did craft today, but I only made a Boobie Beanie and started on something else, which I hope to finish tomorrow.  It's an experiment, so we'll see.  I may just fudge the whole thing and do something else, but I'm hoping everything works out.  I really hate stopping in the middle of a project so I may get this thing done tonight, or most of it, but I wanted to blog now so I could put my laptop away for the night.

For those who watch The Walking Dead what an intense season finale right???  I can't wait till the fall.  DAMN YOU SEASON FINALES!  I wish it were fall or something.  My ma bought me an early Easter present, Some Walking Dead graphic novels that should be coming this week, SO that should hold me over till fall, maybe.

It was pretty funny today.  I got two phone calls within minutes today asking if I still had power.  One was from CW asking if we had to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.  The other was for my ma telling me my dad was going nuts cuz his Kindle Fire died and he didn't have "Dirty Birds"  (what he calls Angry Birds) to play and was extremely bored so he may be coming over to my house (we only live about a mile and a half from my parents') while his Kindle charges so he could watch TV and stuff.  I told him he could come over and watch Jackass 3 on Netflix or something.

They ended up getting power back about 20 minutes later, so my dad didn't come over, which was fine.  I was busy filling out job apps.  I'm glad our power didn't go out, it would have sucked to have been in the middle of one of those flippin apps and lost all that info, one of the apps I filled out today took FOREVER. Anywho, this is what I did today.

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