Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

So, I was watching Frasier on Netflix and was on the last few episodes and lost track of time, then I was like "DAMNIT!" when I saw it was after midnight, but only a few minutes so whatever.  Stupid TV, always distracting.

Anywho, today was fun.  Uneventful, yet full of events.  Ever had one of those days?  We went grocery shopping to two stores yet only spent $30.  I had a coupon for a free Clif bar but I kept calling it a Clark bar and CW had no idea what I was talking about.  When I asked the woman who worked at the grocery store she took me right to the aisle and then I was like "OH!  It's called a CLIF bar!" and CW was like, "Oh well, yeah THAT'S a protein bar, not a candy bar," because he told me a clark bar was a candy bar and I told him it was a protein bar and we argued about that for a few minutes in the candy aisle.  I told him the woman knew what I was talking about and he said, "well yeah, she speaks girl."  Whatever that means.

After that we came home and started playing video games, well CW did and I kinda screwed around online.  Then my ma called and asked me if we were in bad moods, I told her we were in shitty moods, terrible moods.  CW got in on it and said "FML." and some other bad mood stuff.  Then she made me stop and asked if we would dog sit for her so she and my dad could go out, cuz her dogs tear up her stuff and she has nicer things than we do.  Apparently, our dogs think it's fun to throw couch cushions around when we leave the house.  It's like they have pillow fights the minute we leave or something.  So, we agreed and packed up the Xbox so CW could continue his gaming day at their house, plus he wanted to try Modern Warfare on a big screen TV because our 32" just isn't big enough.

We both suck even worse on a big screen we found out today.  It's like watching yourself suck times 30.  My dad kept telling me, "hey, you died again."  Then he said he stopped watching me cuz he said I sucked and CW was better to watch.  Thanks, Dad.  I think I'll stick to gaming on our little TV.

So aside from the shopping and gaming, I did crochet.  I managed to make this spring beanie, in GREEN, in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  I even had Irish coffee with Bailey's in it.  I haven't had alcohol in over a year.  It gave me a slight buzz.  Just the one.  It was nice, I don't need to do it again until I get married and have a sip of champagne or something next year.  Till we meet again, booze!  Welp, here's me craft for today!

Spring Beanie in Greenie

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