Monday, March 19, 2012

I Decided to Let My Inner Geek Make Something Silly...

Today I busied myself with adding working out to my daily regimen.  After I saw my Honey off to work, I got dressed and walked a mile.  I decided if I felt like it later on in the day, I'd walk another.  I didn't think I would, but I was hoping.  After my walk, I was so energized, while waiting for my tea kettle to heat up (for my tea and oatmeal) I started cleaning the kitchen.

I even continued to clean after my tea and oatmeal were made, then I decided to finish up after I ate.  After I ate, I cleaned my kitchen for an hour and a half!  I hate cleaning, so that was a shock even to myself.  I then came and crocheted for a while.  I was getting antsy while crocheting because I kept thinking about that second mile, So once I hit a stopping point I had set for myself I walked that second mile!

After that, if was almost time for CW to get home and I needed to make him dinner.  Little did I know, our neighbor was fixing our fallen fence all by herself.  I didn't see her out there, but CW said he did when he walked in, so he went out to help her.  Yes, the cheapass fence we share with our neighbor was knocked down yesterday by 70mph winds.  It was insanity.  So, CW went out to help her (I went inside to make sure the dogs didn't break down our sliding door trying to get outside and finish dinner) and withing about half hour they had the two parts of the fence that had fallen back up again.  She's the nice neighbor that doesn't make up ridiculous lies about CW and I.  Plus, our dogs actually like her dog.

But alas, I did craft... I made a Super Mario inspired Rasta hat.