Thursday, March 1, 2012

HUZZAH! March is National Craft Month!

I'm surprised that I've gone 29 years as a crafter without knowing this.  Since I subscribe to several crafty things on Facebook, however I was educated on this fact today!  This made me extremely happy.  I was sad that I was at my parents' house dogsitting rather than home when I read the news so I couldn't start immediately crafting.  Since my parents' dogs usually like to take my yarn and turn it into a big tangled mess, I stopped taking any sort of crochet projects over there for the time being.  So I had to wait till this evening when my fiance and I got home.

This month, I would like to celebrate by making at least one project a day.  No matter how small it is.  I would just like to complete one thing.  I may also work on larger projects, just as long as I have one thing completed each day I will be happy.  I may not blog daily but I will at least show my projects that I've worked on.

Day 1
Bumblebee Earwarmer


  1. Word, dude! That's an awesome goal. I wish I could craft one thing a month just for funzies. I'm looking forward to seeing all your crafty shenanigans!

  2. It could also be inventory. Haha. My orders have slowed down after the holiday season. I was overwhelmed over Christmas time, now, not so much.

  3. That is a fantastic goal!! I've been working on one thing or another every day, but to try and complete a project in one day - even something small- can be next to impossible.

  4. I take that back, a couple days ago I made two grocery bag dispensers. The first one I made was too small for all the bags we have, so I gave that one to my Mom. The second one was muuuuch better :D

  5. I've been doing it... sometimes two... even if they are little things. I try to finish at least one little thing. I WANNA SEE THE GROCERY BAG DISPENSERS!!! I've been having fun doing this... it's really lit a fire under my ass. I was getting lazy with my crafting...