Friday, March 2, 2012

National Craft Month Day 2: Apple Sauced!

So today while watching Our Idiot Brother with my fiance, I took the liberty of utilizing my time to multitask and created a little monster.  I had intended on creating a Cherry inspired monster, but he turned out more Apple looking.  So upon consideration, I have decided to name him "Apple Sauced" which seems to suit him just right.

I had fun creating him.  He's a lil mini monster.  Stands about 2 inches tall with a bendable stem (pipe cleaner) and leaf hair.  And no, you are not seeing things, his eyes are sparkly.  I used this yarn with sparkly stuff in it.  I CANNOT for the life of me remember what kind it is right now and the label is no longer on it.  I'm sure I'd remember if I saw it at Michael's.  I really want some buttons for some other crafty endeavors I'd like to try, but I don't want to drag my fiance shopping this weekend as I forced him to shop with me last weekend for like 5 hours.  Maybe I can talk my mom into some crafty shopping on Sunday... hmmmm ;) Well, here he is...

Day 2
Mini Monster Amigurumi: "Apple Sauced"