Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Throwin' the Ol' "L" Word Around...

I see people...tweens (semi-people)... teenagers (quasi-people)... even adults (questionable people) just throwing around the word love like it has no meaning.  Like it were the word banana.  Seriously, when you tell someone you love them, you should really LOVE them.  Not just be saying it because you WANT to be in love or you THINK you should be in love, but because you actually are in love.

When CW and I first started dating, I knew he was the one.  I was absolutely head over heels in love with him.  I didn't tell him right away because I didn't want to scare him off.  I didn't want him to feel obligated to tell me he loved me as well.  I wanted to make sure that love was reciprocated.  So, I waited until the time was right and even then, I didn't really tell him, I just kinda blogged about how strongly I felt about him.  Later that day, I got a message from him, telling me "I read your blog and I love you too."  It was actually quite nice because my blog didn't even come out and blatantly say, "Hey CW, I love you."  I was just talking about how nice it was to be with someone who made me feel things I had never felt before, who treated me well etc etc... The fact that he was able to read through all that and understand what I meant, just shows that he knows me inside and out.  Hence, why we are still together.

There is absolutely no need to rush love.  It's either going to happen or it's not.  However, throwing around the word "love" does NOT guarantee that someone will stay with you or make you happy.  There has to be actual emotion attached to the word.  It really is a strong word and if people just keep using it like it's banana then they will never truly know what it means when they say it to someone and they actually mean it.

I literally regret every time I've ever said "I love you" in a romantic setting before CW (not that I said it often before but still, those 2 times really weren't worth it).  Because that wasn't love.  That was NOTHING compared to what he and I have now.  Every chick flick I watch, every Nicholas Sparks book I read, I'm like those people have nothing compared to what I've got right now.  I'm just saying, it's a powerful word that shouldn't be used so carelessly.

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