Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dinosaur Aliens and BOOBIES!

Really, I don't know how I get anything done EVER.  I get so distracted so easily.  This morning I went to make tea and then I remembered I had to make a phone call so I turned off my tea so I could make the phone call because it would bug me, but then I really wanted tea, so I walked back into the kitchen and turned my tea kettle back on and did what I can only relate to a pee pee dance while my tea kettle warmed up my water.  Then I made my phone call (BTW automated systems suck ass) and then I went into the kitchen to get the dogs' food ready and while I was on my way into the kitchen I started playing with the kitty and was only knocked back on track to dog food time by Jasper bitchbarking at me.  He was hungry.  He cusses at me in dog.

Once I got the dog food, I fed the dogs, then realized I had to pee badly (damn you tea) but if I get up the girl dogs stop eating and it is a bitch to get them to start again.  So I had to wait for them to finish and they eat soooooooo slowly.  Then I started crocheting but I remembered I wanted to call my aunt to see how her doctor's appointment had gone on Monday, so I called her and spoke with her about that, told her about the Boobie Beanies, she laughed at me, I need to show them to her.  I also told her it was National Potato chip day and if she had any potato chips she should celebrate by eating some.  I did, I ate some fat free pringles.  If that counts.  I also told her if I ever had any kids, I was going to read a buttload of books to them.  I dunno where that came from, then I told her I was lucky I had her as an aunt since she worked in the unit of the hospital that educates women who just gave birth (?) It's not coming to my mind right now... at all... anywho.  She just retired so yeah, she's full time there to help me if I ever have kids.  Then I hung up with her, and tried to find something on TV to watch while I crochet.

TV kinda sucks during the day.  I watched OnDemand.  Face Off and Real Housewives of OC.  I like trash TV.  Their faces are like plastic.  That one chick Alexis is so dumb, I've burped smarter comments than her.  Oh right, see?  I get thrown off subject so easily... I could do so much more during the day if my animals weren't so damn cute.  Every time I get up and get something to drink in the kitchen my cats beckon to me and they want me to play with them for like half an hour.  Or my dogs want to cuddle so what can I do but, cuddle?  They're like children, they need attention too.  I give it to them.  I did however manage to get 2 Boobie beanies done today, I may be able to sneak in a third one by end of day, I still have a little over an hour unless the internet distracts me after I finish this blog.  I also made a Dinosaur Alien for CW's friend.  His Birthday is this weekend.   I guess since I don't get my psychotherapy, you guys are it.  I apologize.  Here are the boobies and Dirk the Dinosaur Alien :)

Dirk and the Boobies

I realized you may not understand why Dirk is a dinosaur alien.  So here's a sideview of Dirk.

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