Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Clothes for Chapstick???

Yeah, I went there.  I've seen em made.  Figured it shouldn't be hard to make em myself.  It wasn't.  I made a couple of chapstick cozies and a little purse.  I'm actually pretty proud of that.  Considering I felt like the crap that grows on crap.  I'm still a little defeated about the whole insurance thing.  Fuckers.  I'll snap outta it soon, That's why I'm medicated right?  At least those bastards cover ONE thing.

I got a pretty late start in my day, didn't start crafting till around 3ish this afternoon.  Yeah, I was that bad.  Normally I at least have a pretty good idea of what I want to do around 10ish.  Then, after I was a blah all day I had only made the 2 chapstick holders and I was like, WTF?  Those are small things... So I felt bad... So I made dinner, CW came home just as I was finishing up dinner (I'm getting better at my timing) and after that I made the little purse, not sure if I'm proud of my work on that one.  I do however like the chapstick holders.  Those are very cute.

2 chapstick holders laying on a mini purse

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