Thursday, March 15, 2012

Springing Forward is Jackin' Me Up!

Ever since we "sprang forward" my internal clock is all wacky.  I stay up all night and still wake up at my normal time and stay up again all day and night again the next day... Well, today that caught up with me, because after waking up EARLIER than normal to hang out with my mom (going early grocery shopping and then to visit my grandma) and then coming home around 1 in the afternoon, I was dead tired.  I tried to crochet but halfway through my breastfeeding/breast cancer awareness boobie beanie beanie (no, I meant to do that) I fell asleep.  Not only did I fall asleep.  I passed OUT.  I was knocked out untill about 5. FOR THREE HOURS!  I guess I needed it or something.  Anywho, I barely finished that beanie for today's crochet project, and a lil chapstick cozy.  Today's beanie was a little larger size, more of a 12-18 month size.  I got a lot on my mind so I'll let you go.  Here they are!

chapstick cozy with lid and boobie beanie


  1. Based on all the pics I've seen, you've got quite the stockpile of boobie beanies :D

    This time change caught up to me yesterday. I don't mind it getting darker later, but I feel weird in the morning.

  2. Lol only 8 but I made one for my mom to give yo her friend so only 7?