Monday, March 12, 2012

Aliens in Bunny Costumes

For today's craft, I initially was going to work on a bunny because I found a pack of my safety eyes last night while I was cleaning a portion of my craft corner, but then it turned into something completely different.  I only got the one thing done today because I was completely defeated once I had to deal with my fiance's insurance and found out that the bastard's aren't going to cover my psychotherapy.  After crying for a couple of hours I finally gathered myself and was able to make dinner and then finish my little guy while we watched TV.  

CW has laid claim on Tom.  I've named him Tom.  Tom even has a back story.  He's in hiding from the mafia on his home planet, Ametrosia.  He came here, found a bunny costume and made a deal with the Easter Bunny.  

Tom in Costume

Tom out of costume

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