Sunday, March 11, 2012

Changing Things Up a Bit...

So I was pretty busy today, had breakfast with the fam, then my ma and I were off to Michaels for my odd quest to find a bag of random buttons.  Why do I want random buttons?  I'm really not sure why, but it's been an obsession of mine for a few weeks now.  I looked at Walmart, nothing.  Hobby Lobby, nothing.  So today we searched at Michaels and at first, we were in the button section and we found a bag of buttons but they weren't really random.  I almost settled for them, but then we walked around a bit, I grabbed some more yarn, then I was in the sewing section looking for those damn safety pins without the frickin loops and whatdya know?  WE FOUND THE BAGS OF RANDOM BUTTONS!  HUZZAH!  I was so happy!  So my ma got me three bags and there is some cute shit in these bags.

Today, I decided to kinda do things a bit differently being that I painted a little ceramic trinket box.  I was going to just keep that as my craft today, but then I decided I wanted to play around with my buttons too so I made a SPRING BEANIE!  You know, a nice light beanie that can be worn in warm weather, more for style than warmth.    So here are today's Craft projects for National craft month!

Spring Beanie and Painted Trinket Box

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