Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Vote is in: My Dog Hates Horses!

Yup.  He's never met one in real life.  He has no real reason to hate horses but for some strange reason, he does.  How do I know this?

Well, you see... my dog loves watching TV.  My other 2 dogs will watch on occasion, for example they watched I Am Legend [spoiler alert] till the dog died... then after that, they had no interest in it at all, but Jasper, Jasper will watch TV even when there are no dogs on.  He gets a little crazier when there are dogs, but even when there are none, he still watches.  

He growls at "bad men" on TV, he seems to be able to distinguish the difference between them and the good men.  He also hates when people are running and jumping.  He whines and will bark at animals on TV... especially when he sees adds for The Lion King on broadway or whatever it is called which is coming here in October which is interesting to me because he acted the same way when they rereleased it on DVD, it's like he knows it's the same thing because he reacts the SAME way.

When my fiance plays Modern Warfare 3 he growls at the people who attack him, he also growls at zombies in this zombie game my fiance plays, OH!  and he hates the zombies in The Walking Dead.   However, none of this compares to the way he acts when he sees a horse on TV.  He tries to jump on the dresser barks and whines, he just goes all around nutty!  We've seen him act this way before but had never noticed how truly bad it was until we had watched the first season of Game of Thrones and had to eventually kick him out of the room because he was just going insane every two seconds when a horse would appear on screen.  

Today, he proved that he hates any type of horse there is.  Yes, even those of the animated breed.  I was forcing my fiance to watch Tangled after he made me watch some men crap and my dog saw the cartoon horse and was trying to walk on his back legs just to get a better look, barking and whining and snarling.  It was pretty hilarious considering the horse looked kinda like him.  Short, stout and pretty effing smart.  The fact that my dog could make the connection between a cartoon horse and a live animal.... is just amazing to me.  People definitely underestimate animals in so many ways.

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