Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bipolar? Biblogger?

I figure since I'm bipolar I may as well Biblog.  This blog is for my less angry posts, less sad posts, not to say there won't be anger or sadness, but mainly my focus here is crafts and happiness and the like.

Well, I'm trying to work on a painting for my cousin but unlike my normal paintings, I have to sketch this one out.  I'm having a hard time getting into a sketching mood lately, my first few sketches were horrendous.  I wanted to break my pencils, but I didn't.  I remained calm.  I placed my drawing utensils down and set everything aside, I've decided to wait until the drawing bug hits me again.  It hit me a few weeks ago and now it's gone.  Gone with the wind.  That bastard wind.

Right now for some strange reason I am procrastinating on finishing this amigurumi Gir I started yesterday.  I guess I looked at the picture of him and realized how much there was to him and became overwhelmed.  Not to mention, I'm doing this all just from the top of me head, so I'm not really going based on any pattern, patterns kinda screw me over anyway.  I don't really understand why.  They just do.  I s'pose I should get back to.  Have a good day. Peace love and crafting :)

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