Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wow... I suck at bloggERing... pun intended :)

So, this is my fun blog, my crafting blog... my blog to talk about fun shat and stay light hearted.  The blog where I don't whine and piss and moan.  Haha!  But, I have failed at blogging over almost the last year here.

See, there's this thing I have, it's called a short attention span.  It kinda consumes my time with everything, I'm worse than a puppy.  I'm surprised I haven't opened another window yet to google something obscure that has nothing to do with my blog.  I'm also surprised that I haven't clicked on the twitter window that is calling my name telling me there are new tweets, I know it's nothing for me because I've been a lame ass on twitter for the last 4 months or so as well.  I'm a social media lame ass.

I can tell you this, I am reading 3 books right now (not as I type, my attention span isn't that bad) but at the moment.  Russell Brand's Booky Wooky 2, A Game of Thrones, and some Young Adult book (to keep it light).  I'm also working on 2 crochet projects, an amigurumi Gir, and a slouchy beanie/beret thing.  I finished a pretty cute slouchy beanie last night.  On Sunday I made myself a cute scarf as well.  I also made a cute pirate flag baby blanket for my friend... I've been a busy bee lately.

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