Saturday, February 15, 2014

"My Funny Valentine..."

   Typically, my husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's day, I have many reasons for this.  One is because I was always made to feel like shit throughout my teenage years and early twenties when I didn't have a Valentine. I know one would think, "hey why not celebrate now that you have a forever Valentine?"  Well, I'm also pretty practical with things, money being one of them.  I don't feel it necessary to "show" how much I'm "loved" on one fucking day that was created for the consumer.
   I like to be shown how loved I am on a daily basis.  Not necessarily with items that cost money, but with the little things.  I feel I am worth being loved EVERY day, not just one day a year.  My husband gets it.
   This year, I felt the love bug.  I wonder if it's because I follow a lot of crafty people and facebook pages that were prepping for Valentine's day, it just made me super lovey.  I was hit with the love bug.  I didn't start preparing days in advance or anything and I didn't expect anything from my husband since we normally treat Valentine's day as if it were any other day.
   The night before Valentine's day, I was antsy and couldn't fall asleep.  I started browsing the web and saw some cute e-cards, well I couldn't just send him an e-card when I could damn well draw my own pic and I have plenty of plain white cards to do it on.  I sketched it out first, then took to card with my drawing pencils.  I gave him the card after work and he was like "whaaaa?  are we celebrating now?"  I told him no, I just wanted to do something for him since I love him so and I'm not as expressive with love as my hubby unless it's with something done creatively.
   I wrote a couple of poems and entered a contest.  Was hoping to win and show him that my words of love for him were award winning, but I didn't win.  So since the winners were announced on Valentine's day, I also emailed him the poems I wrote him.
   I also have lots of friends with kids who are able to do activities with them and give them Valentines and whatnot, so seeing those pics also warmed my heart.  My stepson is way too old for all that so I don't really have anyone to do it for so last night, I made my furry babies some Valentines.  I made little heart collar medallions for the girl pups and for Jasper a stuffed heart toy.  I also made a toy for the cats and put catnip in it.  That was it.  It wasn't like I was going nutso for the day, I just wanted to show a little love with hearts.
   I've found that the happier I am, the more I want to show my love.  I received a Valentine from Kim Lovey and Cherub and that just made my night.  It was unexpected and awesome.  I love unexpected gifts from the heart.
   My dad even made my mom a Valentine and that made me smile.  It was cute.  My dad is NOT someone you'd expect to do that.  I saw the card today while I was visiting and it made me proud to have such awesome parents.
   So, in essence I'm not pro or anti Valentine's day, I'm Sweden.  This year, cupid just happened to catch me off guard.  Cupid for love of friends, family and furry babies.

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  1. You're too cute! I'm glad you caught the love bug. Xoxo