Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Fling GlossyBox :)

   Today I received my first GlossyBox.  I have to say, I am VERY happy with it's contents and I can see us having a happy relationship for a while.  I was a bit trepidatious after I signed up for GlossyBox and read on their Facebook page a few shitty things about them, then I thought, well, if I don't like 'em, I cancel them. 
   I'm going to give a quick history on how I came to getting a GlossyBox subscription in the first place, I LOVE getting things in the mail.  I mean LOVE it.  I LOVE surprises, what better way than a subscription box?  I had heard about subscription boxes through my bestie over Christmas time because our friend Sarah gave me a birchbox full of awesome shit. I then started looking them up and reading reviews and watching youtube videos about them.  They were kind of like Diamond Candles (another addiction of mine) but MORE.   I started off with Birchbox and Ipsy because they were only $10 a month and I thought WOW what a great deal!  
   Well, my first birchbox was pretty decent I got an eyeliner that I really liked from eyeko but most were foil packets and were rarely full or travel size.  Sometimes they weren't even large enough for me to tell if I really liked the product enough to buy it or not.  Not only that, but I had an issue with customer service on my 2nd box.  Usually, I got my box JUST in time to get extra points if I purchased something or to participate in any of the shit that they had because they shipped from the east coast and I'm in New Mexico, but this time my box was snowed in.  Well, one weekend they were having extra bonus points and I still had not received my box and I emailed them telling them so, expecting them to extend the extra bonus points to me when I received my box so if I wanted to purchase anything from the box, I'd get those extra points too (points eventually equal money in the end) but NO. The email I got was THREE DAYS LATER, AFTER the whole point thing ended AND by that time I had received my crappy box that I was kinda eh about and ALL the customer service person who wrote to me told me was "Oh, it looks like you have received your box now.  Sorry it took so long." I was like whatever, by that time and didn't want to take the time trying to RE-EXPLAIN that I was talking about the extra points because they obviously didn't care about me as a customer anyway if they weren't willing to go the extra mile for me. So I gave them ONE MORE CHANCE and again, my box took FOREVER to get to me so I was like screw it and I cancelled.  Had they done something for me when I initially reached out to them the first time, I would not have been so quick to cancel, but my fuse was cut short.  So BOOM, Glossybox has a new customer.  The MOMENT I cancelled birchbox, I signed up for Glossybox.  I am SO glad I did because this is what I received:

From left to right a FULL SIZE ModelCo Cheek + Lip tint ($24), a $40 gift certificate to Prestiche, FULL SIZE Lavender soap ($16.99), FULL SIZE Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen ($18), FULL SIZE Elite Models Matt Liner ($15), TRAVEL SIZE 1.5 oz Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce finishing hairspray (full size cost $17).  
   I'm really excited about the Prestiche Lavender soap, it smells soooo awesome and I can't wait to use it.  I also have a Pixi eye primer that I really like so I'm thinking the Lid Last Shadow Pen will be awesome as well, Pixi makes some great products.  I've heard good things about ModelCo but have yet to use their products, but I'm pretty excited about doing so.  I'm not typically a brown eyeliner type of gal, so we shall see about the Elite Models Liner, I was SUPER excited about it because I LOVE liquid liner, until I saw it was brown, but well, you never know.  I may try it and decide it's awesome on me, that is after all why I have this box right? The hairspray kind of came at the right time.  I've been wearing my hair up a lot lately but since I don't really use products in my hair (been fighting off years off damage) I don't usually buy hairspray but hey, I do have a lot of flyaways and it's been bugging me and my hair is insanely healthy (as I constantly hear from those who cut it) so I guess a little product won't hurt.  
   Needless to say, I am effing stoked and happy as all hell about these products.  Seriously. I still love Ipsy, they have never once pissed me off or made me unhappy and all my glambags have been awesome.  My Husband's subscription boxes to LootCrate and BugOutBox have also been amazing so we are pretty happy with what we have so far.  But DAYUM GlossyBox, you outdonedid yourself with this one!  I am one happy girl tonight.  :)

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