Thursday, November 22, 2012

One Happy Turkey...

   This morning I woke up in a haze of extreme exhaustion and a desire to get working on our dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was making mac and cheese casserole for my ma in law's and this pudding dessert to take over to my parents' house afterward.  So, CW and I started cooking at 9 this morning (I went to bed around 4ish but woke up at 8 and watched Scrooged) as we listened to Christmas tunes.  We were simultaneously making our dishes, I told CW what he needed to do for the pudding and he did it (an amazing job might I add) he really didn't need me to tell him much he's made it before plenty of times I just give him the exact measurements is all and I was busy making my mac and cheese.  I wasn't sure how much to make so I make a huge quantity because I wanted to have more than necessary than not enough...
   We finished and then headed to my ma in law's a little early and when we got there I helped my sister in law in the kitchen with a few things... I love spending time with her, she makes me laugh so much.  Then my ma in law came down and the three of us finished up in the kitchen... well, actually CW did help with the mashed taters.  
  It was such a great day.  I had so much fun being with my family.  Spending time with my family makes me so happy.  I love seeing my nephews... although Hayden wasn't there, I still thought of him.  
   After dinner we hung out for a while and then CW and I headed to my parents' house to spend the rest of the evening with them.  I had a really good evening.  Being with my parents is always nice.  They are two of my best friends after all.  
   All in all, today was an amazing day.  I'm so thankful for everything.  

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