Sunday, July 1, 2012

"You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Blog is About You..."

   I'm fucking tired.  Let's just start off with that.  That is the "tone" of this blog.  Fuck.  Tired.  and Me.  I know most people have taken breaking down sentences in English class by at least 6th grade.  So whatever. I'm not only physically tired.  I'm mentally tired.  Of EVERY FUCKING THING.
   Y'know, if I write something that offends you because it applies to your behavior, maybe you need to check your behavior and not get mad at me for writing something.  Because how the fuck do you even know if I'm writing about you?  You don't.  It's simple as that.  My life doesn't revolve around one fucking person.  This isn't "The [Insert Your Name Here] Show."  So before people start getting all huffy and puffy about shit they read, really check themselves.  If your actions fit into what I'm writing, maybe check them at the door?  Maybe don't fall into the "asshole" category that I'm writing about?  For all you know, I could have had a bad dream about something and wrote about it because it felt so fucking realistic.  For all you know it could be someone on the opposite family!
  Hell, I could even be writing it from someone else's point of view to help them feel better.  A lot of shit I write, I get feedback from people saying that what I wrote is something that they have/are gone/going through.  I am a writer after all.  I do have thoughts and this thing called an imagination.  I do like to use them on occasion.

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