Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Ugly Bag and a Pet Bow

   Today I need something distracting.  I think I may paint.  Yesterday I sewed a bag and crocheted a pet bow.  The bag was ok.  I think it's kind of ugly because of the fabric I used.  I will tell you why I used this fabric.  For one, I was testing out this pattern.  I've never made anything like it, so I didn't want to fuck it all up and waste good fabric and two, I don't really have much "good" fabric.
  I did however finish the bag, it came out like I wanted and I was pretty proud of my ugly bag.  CW said it looks like a Little House on the Prairie bag or something because of the fabric.

I had to remove the quilt to take the pic because I thought camouflage would offset the prairieness of it.  :) AND NO, your eyes do NOT deceive you... Those are pleats on the bag.  I'm still kind of a novice seamstress, so I was a little worried about doing pleats, but they weren't too bad.  There you have it, there's my ugly bag.  
  Also, the pet bows, which I'm thinking about adding to my Etsy shop, I TRIED SO EFFING HARD to get my damn dog to take a good pic for me but she started to sit pretty and lean back and look sad and look away... and out of like 20... this was what I got... 

Yeah, she looks pretty frickin cute.  My tubby Jasper is too tubby for this size bow and Wallo, well, she started making a weird face when I put the camera on her... she was fine otherwise.

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