Sunday, June 3, 2012

Close, But No Cigar

I had a crappy day yesterday, so I didn't even open my laptop...

Day 27: Talk About Your Siblings

Well, This is pretty damn short and simple, I don't have any siblings.  As an only child, I was pretty close to my family when I was younger, still am pretty close to my Uncle who's only 4 and a half years older than I, he's like an older brother in many ways.  My bestie is a lot like a sister as well, I can tell her anything and despite my faults and fuck ups, she still loves me... So I don't TECHNICALLY have siblings, I got by.

Day 28: The Month I Was Happiest This Year and Why

I was pretty the month of February which happens to be mine and CW's birthday month.  I was happy because we had a little bit of birthday money to spend on each other, CW used his to buy me a kindle fire. which I absolutely adore.  

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