Monday, May 28, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Day 22: 10 Things About You People Don't Usually Expect
  1. Some people that I've told, had no clue I'm bipolar.  I guess they've never been privy to a meltdown.  Lucky bastards.
  2. I love oldies.  Not just love oldies, that's the majority of what I listen to these days.
  3. I own a cowboy hat and used to listen to country music.
  4. I don't speak Spanish well.  My family members who do, usually make fun of my accent. So I'm kinda self conscious about it.  Most people out here usually come up to me and start babbling off in Spanish (based on the way I look) and expect me to reply back and I'll answer them, but in English usually. 
  5. People (who don't know me) typically see the tattoos and expect me to be uneducated, inarticulate, and illiterate just based on appearance alone (gotta love stereotypes) then they get to speak with me and are quick to find out that it's untrue. 
  6. People don't expect me to know any classic movies.  I love classic movies, I haven't seen a lot that most people love like Gone With The Wind and Dr. Zhivago, but I've seen tons of Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson, Katherine Hepburn, The Marx Brothers, Mae West etc... 
  7. I love cartoons.  I watch Arthur, Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob, Rugrats, Danny Phantom... and the classics on a pretty regular basis.  
  8. I have no idea why but, I like watching the Real Housewives Shows, Just Atlanta, Beverly Hills, OC, New Jersey and New York.  I have no effing clue why.  We don't even have Bravo, but I watch online and OnDemand... it's an illness, I know.
  9. I have OCD.  But my compulsion has nothing to do with cleaning.  It fucking sucks.  I wish it did.  I have a counting compulsion.  I'm actually getting better at it. It's kind of a lot to explain, even after almost 4 years I still have to kind of explain some of it to CW.  So yeah.
  10. I like to do vocal impressions.  I do them all the time.  My parents make me do them randomly.  CW loves when I do "The Godfather" my mom loves when I do some sort of Janice (from Friends)/random New York mix, my dad makes me do PeeWee Herman's laugh... Some I still have to work on a lot, but they still get a kick out of them... My new favorite one to do is Phil from Duck Dynasty.  :)  CW says I sound just like him.