Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Damnit Again...

Day 14: Something Disgusting That You do
 I like to go to popthatzit.com and watch videos.  It's disgusting.  I know.  Sometimes I also like to sit and pick at my face for hours, even when there's nothing there.  My fiance, CW thinks it's absolutely disgusting that I watch the videos, doesn't care about me picking at my face.  Go figure.  In fact, he hates when I describe the videos to him.  He tells me he doesn't wanna hear it.  He shakes his head as I make gagging sounds.  He doesn't understand the obsession.  I do it about once a month for like at least an hour.   Yeah, I'm gross.  

Day 15: The Best Thing to Happen to You This Week
Well, I got my custom Hunger Games necklace on Sunday.  It made me effing happy.  I love it.  

Day 16: 3 Things You are Proud of About Your Personality
   I'm proud that I often see things differently than other people.  I like that I am creative.  I enjoy that learning about things and people intrigue me.