Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've re-joined the employed masses!

   So, after being out of work for almost a year, I finally got a job!  I started Monday and I love it.  However, on the shitty side I caught a crappy cold last Thursday and had to spend all weekend in bed and I still have yet to fully recover almost a week later.  I sound like Chandler Bing's dad.  SEXY.
   I go to bed at 10 every night and wake up at 5 every morning.  It's weird to be on such a schedule but I think the cold medicine helps with the passing out.  Jasper follows me around in the mornings and tries to entice me to stay home with his stuffed animals and cute face.  I know his cute ass misses me.  I miss my furry babies too, but damnit, I can't wait to have an actual paycheck!  CW and I are so broke we can barely afford to pay attention.  We're living on love :)
   My stupid cold put me out of commission for a few days so, I wasn't able to work on projects, which sucked ass.  I'm pretty much done with an order, I just need to take pictures but they come out best in natural light and today's light was overcast when I got home from work because it was rainy.  HOORAY for the rain!  Boo for the lighting :(
   So, that's why I've been so quiet on the interwebs lately, I've been recovering from deathcold and WORKING!  HUZZAH!!!  Once I get over this deathcold thing, I'm sure I'll be better at managing things, but for now all I do is rest, rest, rest when I'm home.  You all (the few who read this) are in my thoughts!

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