Sunday, March 4, 2012


I like boobs.  Who doesn't?  They are great for many things.  They provide free food for babies.  They can make great pillows.  They are comforting.  They are nice to look at.  What more could you want?

Well, today... They were the subject of my craft project!  A friend of mine asked me a few weeks ago if I could make her a boobie beanie for her baby she's expecting.  Of course I was honored she thought of me!  I love it when my friends think of me when they see something crochet they like.  Since she's not expecting for a while, I have plenty of time to make the beanies, but today I thought I'd take a stab a boobie beanie since I've never made one before.

I'm not very good at following patterns, I learn better from trial and error.  So after a couple of mistakes, I'm pleased to announce I completed not one, but TWO boobie beanies!  I made a newborn beanie and a 3-6 month old beanie.  I'm pretty excited.  Here they are!

Boobie Beanies


  1. I actually had lotsa fun making em. I need more boob colored yarn though. :\ Otherwise I'd have boobies EVERYWHERE!